Parents and our staff about the Farm Kita

Experiences and opinions of happy parents about the nursery and kindergarten of the Bauernhof Kita

“Dear Child Care Company Team,
Nadja only had a little over a year with you all, but it was a very important year in her life. After moving from abroad, she found a caring, loving, responsive and safe environment at CCC where she could speak both of her languages (English-German) and continue to grow up in an international community…and there was an array of activities that appealed to all of her senses and possibilities. She has felt very comfortable with you all and her development has progressed enormously – eg. she’s become much more confident. And some of the friendships she made with other CCC kids remain to this day. Many thanks to all of you! We would be happy to recommend your facility to others…Best regards and all the best for the new farm daycare.”
Anja T. 2015

“Dear Mrs. Wunderlich,
We would love to enroll Constantin in kindergarten – starting in the middle of next year (he will be 3 in July). I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you very much. We have the feeling that Constantin is very well looked after at the CCC and also feels comfortable there. At the moment I am taking the course of Mrs. Cornelia Mertin about parenting skills. This course is a great pleasure and has given us very good impulses. I am very pleased and appreciate them offering this in the CCC. Many greetings.”
Julia J. 2014

“Dear Mrs. Wunderlich-Heun,
the goodbye worked out great. Many thanks also for the nice compilation of song lyrics and painted pictures by Samuel. We were very happy about that and we will keep the Child Care in very nice memory.
Samuel is already orienting himself very well in the new kindergarten. I’m sure he’s pretty straightforward about it. It’s an adjustment for him, of course, and he also calls the caregiver Astrid ? Best regards.”
Ute H. 2013

“Dear Mrs. Wunderlich-Heun,
It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that starting September 1, 2013, Stella will no longer be attending the Child Care Company. Our family will be moving to Stuttgart. And lastly, a big thank you to Kati and your amazing staff for all the care and love they gave to Stella. She has developed so well and I think most of the reason is due to the care at your facility. Thank you! Kind Regards”
Jennifer D. 2013

“Dear Vedrana,
Yes, it is correct. My son Sushruth will be going to regular school (MIS) and we have to quit the Child Care. I would also like to take this opportunity as thanking you for providing admission to my son in your childcare kindergarten, he is really happy in attending your kindergarten and would like to extend our sincere thanks to your staff.” Thanks,
K. 2013

“Dear Mrs. Wunderlich,
I want to thank both you and your staff for Niklas having such a great day saying goodbye to kindergarten on Friday! Thank you also for the beautiful book; we think you can never have enough books! Please pass on my thanks in particular to Fr. Wieser and Fr. Keep reaming! The kids really like them!!! Many greetings and many thanks”
Carola S. 2013

“I would like to thank them and their team very much for the very good and loving care they have given my daughter and will be happy to recommend them to others. The Child Care Company has been all round very good for my daughter on her 4 year journey through life so far. Thank you so much for everything!”
Beatrice Sch. 2012

“We have always been extremely satisfied with their caregivers, including and especially the professional management! All the best to them and their team for the future!”
Birgit and Christoph H. 2012

“We would like to thank you very much for the loving, caring and creative care of our son Tiziano during the last two years. The greatest compliment is certainly the feedback from the children themselves and with Tiziano it was consistently the case that he always attended the nursery with great joy and thus only the pick-up was the biggest problem. He put his heart and soul into it and we as parents think that he was able to develop wonderfully in the great environment of Child Care. This is of course largely due to the competent care team. Thank you so much for those 2 valuable years and for their constant responsiveness.”
Gerd & Verena J. 2011

“A heartfelt thank you for the loving care – every day anew – of our little rocker! For us as parents there is nothing better than a happy child, you contribute to this significantly.”
Cordial Nina, Alex & Ava, 2011

“Dear Child Care Company Team,
it’s time for me to go… I had a great time with you guys and got to spend over 2 years with you. You have taken special care of me, thank you very much. In the future I will be mixing up another kindergarten, but I will certainly miss you and have fond memories of you. Thank you so much for everything,
Your Amelie!”, 2011

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank them and their team very much. I feel that my son has made great progress thanks to their carers.”
Martin E. 2011

“Dear Mrs. Wunderlich,
thank you for everything. We’ve settled in super well now and are very happy.”
Mrs K. Mother of Sydney 2009

“From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for the great care you gave our Elijah.”
Family R., 2009

“Thank you so much for the loving care you gave my daughter! We feel very well taken care of!”
R. D. Mother of Helene 2010

Our employees about the nursery and kindergarten of the Bauernhof Kita

“What makes our facility special is that we feel we are a bonding village, meaning “children should feel like they are at home with us.” I am happy every time when the children have “arrived well” with us and they can feel comfortable and develop in this “safe bonding space”.
Through creativity, singing together, making music and real free play I offer them this space. As an art and attachment educator, I know this is the foundation for a happy life!”

Cornelia M.
Dipl. Social pedagogue, development and bonding pedagogue
Kultukita Schwabing

“I particularly like the family atmosphere in the facility. The interaction between the employees is collegial and appreciative. There is enough room to bring in ideas, suggestions and proposals. I like working at the Child Care Company, it feels like “coming home” to me.

Sandra D.
Ped. Management, Staatl. accredited educator
Culture Daycare Schwabing

“Three years ago I received my degree in education and psychology from the University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
As a result, I moved to Munich in November 2015 and became part of the wonderful team at the Bauernhof Kita. I started as group leader of the nursery and after my work was so appreciated, I got the additional position of deputy pedagogical leader in May 2017.
I really like the pedagogical work in the daycare center. After three years, I am still amazed at the endless learning opportunities the children have in nature and with the animals. Not only the children can benefit from this place of learning, but also the pedagogical staff can continuously develop themselves here. I too learn new things every day, hand in hand with the children, the animals and nature. I can develop completely freely in my pedagogical work and give it my personal touch.
In the farm day care center, the employees are offered many opportunities. I received great support from the management in obtaining recognition for my studies in Germany. Furthermore, there are numerous opportunities for further education and training. The good cooperation between the team, the deputy management, the management, the management and all other people involved, which takes place at eye level, guarantees a feel-good factor. Also, the team gets support from a coach who additionally fosters a great work environment.”

Amela D.
Diploma pedagogue / deputy pedagogical head / group leader day nursery
Farm nursery

“For me, spending time with the children and the animals at the farm daycare is not a job, it’s a calling. In a stimulating and natural environment, day after day with the children to research, experiment, get to know, try out…what could be better? The concept of the facility offers a lot of freedom for the children as well as for the pedagogical staff. And to ensure that the framework for this is right, you can always rely on the support and help from the executing agency.
I feel very valued as an employee of Child Care Company and rewarded appropriately for my professional experiences.”

Camillo W.
Ped. Management, Staatl. accredited educator
Farm nursery

“I really like the family atmosphere at Child Care Company. Everyone can play an active role and is given the opportunity to develop further. I especially like the emphatic way we deal with the children, who should always be the focus of our work. The children’s laughter motivates me every day and it is a pleasure for me to accompany the children a little on their journey through life.
As a subject supervisor, team and parent work is very important to me, without a good team and a good educational partnership with parents, our work wouldn’t work like this.”

Claudia B.
State. accredited educator, pedagogical supervisor

“I enjoy working for Child Care Company because the atmosphere in the team is warm and familiar. There is always an open and appreciative exchange with the management and the sponsor.
The well-being of each employee is of great importance here and is encouraged, whether through discussions or even personal coaching.
The concept is very special and I really enjoy working with the children, nature and the animals.
The kids are very lovingly cared for here and you can just tell they’re happy all around, so I can get behind the facility and concept.”

Moni S.
State. accredited educator
Farm nursery