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the farm for children – probably the most beautiful day care centre in Munich and the first and only one of its kind in the Munich city area!

Unfortunately we do not have any free places at the moment. Therefore, it is best to reserve a place foryour dearest child on our waiting list, please contact us informally and without obligation.

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Best care in beautiful surroundings

Here in the Farm Day Care Center, the children come, here our children are very close to nature, relax, explore, develop and have felt infinite space for creativity and self-experience! 

All this with the best care by our pedagogical specialists, healthy food from regional, ecological cultivation – or grown and harvested by ourselves – freshly prepared on site by our chef and all this with the best care and pure nature – the best of everything!

That we have an exceptionally high childcare ratio not only on paper – in the crèche max. 12 children with 3 caretakers a group – and also otherwise your child experiences only the best we need not mention separately.

However, you should know that we accept children as early as 8 weeks old into our nursery – this is not often found either!

Your kid gets...

and will be...

  • experience how sage, thyme, lavender, chives, parsley and much more grow in our herb and aroma bed.
  • With the sage our cook Giovanni conjures up his delicious spaghetti with sage butter
  • Harvest lettuce, potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, beans and much more from our beds, which we then bring to the table together with our educational and culinary staff.
  • With our ponies Attila and Sisky the children like to scratch out the hooves and groom them. Also our sheep
  • The goats are very wild and therefore teach the children to be careful and considerate, because you can only pet a goat if it wants to be petted. Mostly they just want to eat….
  • Brand new our bee colony… now there is from time to time also
    a honey bread

Fauna & Flora the most original and beautiful for children since time immemorial

Humans and animals learn from each other and are there for each other

A unique and incomparable,
near-natural concept!

Plants, animals, trees,

Forest days and trips to the lake - not only on holiday, not only at the zoo - with us every day will be special for your child!

Want the best for your child, Nature, Love & Real?

Then apply now! We reserve a piece of nature for the unconditional love of your life

Our life on the farm

Experience news, highlights from one of the most beautiful daycare centers and learn interesting facts about children in our blog.

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