Claudia Baruncic returns to the team as pedagogical supervisor

Dear parents, dear children,

the team of the Child Care Company and myself are very happy that Mrs. Claudia Baruncic returns to the team as pedagogical supervisor after her one-year parental leave.

Ms. Baruncic is a mother of three children, ages one to five, and has been with the Child Care Company since 2008 as a state certified child care provider. accredited educator. Due to her years of professional experience in the elementary sector, she is very aware of the needs of children. As a former manager, she was able to gain a lot of experience and knows exactly what is important in a good team and what makes a good day care centre.

As the pedagogical supervisor, Mrs. Baruncic will exclusively take care of all pedagogical contents of the Child Care Company. She will therefore work a lot in the background and with the team, but will of course also be happy to support you as parents with pedagogical questions.

Mrs. Baruncic is very much looking forward to meeting your children and you!

And we are delighted that she has returned to Child Care with her knowledge and experience. Here’s to continued successful and cordial cooperation.

Yours, Helli Wunderlich-Steger


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