News from the Creative Workshop: “Senses – the window to the world.”

Almost every mother beats her hands together over her head when there is some real tinkering going on at home and it looks like Hempel’s under the sofa afterwards. Colorful handprints on walls or cabinets, paste under the table and glue in the hair. What looks like fun for the children at first glance is, from a developmental psychology point of view, essential for the children’s development in order to give them a good start in life.
Learning takes place through all the senses: Smell-taste-hear-feel-see. Senses promote a holistic and emotional intelligence. In this process, one sense alone is never involved. As soon as there is a sensual reference in the game, a lived experience is conveyed in which networked knowledge is contained. All senses work together like an orchestra!

In the nursery, we therefore use a wide variety of materials such as paste, shaving foam, painting pigments, modelling dough, threads, natural materials and much more in the Kreativ Werksatt. The learning objective: From grasping to grasping. Children sense the texture and origin of the material, discover the difference between fine and rough or soft and hard surfaces. And really have fun doing it!



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