Reading Tip: “Why Kids Love Secrets…”

Dear Parents,

Today we would like to recommend the very interesting article “Why children love secrets” by the author Judith Pack. Try to look at life through a child’s eyes again and you will notice that our children see much more than we do! After all, learning is a great adventure! You can find the article here.

Excerpt from “Why Children Love Secrets” book launch:

“Why are the leaves falling from the trees?”
“How do squirrels climb so well?”
“Why do earthworms come out of the ground when it rains?”

Children love to ask questions. They think about why the world is the way they experience it. If you want to help them do this as an adult, you can provide them with an environment that stimulates their curiosity and adds new material to their joy of learning.

Play is not a journey with a set destination, but learning through play is an adventure where you don’t know what will happen.
Isn’t that the magic of childhood?

In her article Why Children Love Secrets, Judith Pack highlights the importance of process as opposed to end result when it comes to how children discover the world full of curiosity.



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