Riding therapy and inclusion at the Feldmoching Farm Daycare Center

Since mid-April, the Farm Day Care Center in Feldmoching has been cooperating in the field of riding therapy with the
Munich Institute for Therapy
MIT. We are participating in an inclusion project here. Inclusion literally means belonging, the opposite of exclusion. Every person – with or without a disability – should and can be present everywhere, in kindergarten, at school, in the neighbourhood or in leisure time. On a pony farm in Feldmoching three handicapped children meet with seven of our kindergarten children for riding. With trained riding therapists and dear ponies, the children learn very gently and playfully about the animal “horse”, what it needs, how to care for it, how to approach it and also have the opportunity to sit on the horse and make their first attempts at riding. At the same time, the focus is on the encounter between handicapped and healthy children. Children learn from each other, regardless of their background, learn to respect and help each other.. Horses are often a “bridge” in therapy, because they meet people absolutely value-free, no matter what handicap or impairment they have.. Both through riding, but even more through the care and handling of the horse, the human being is addressed physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. The movement and warmth of the horse’s back appeals directly to the children’s emotions and, last but not least, the clear interaction with the horse promotes self-confidence.

Our kids are thrilled! And we are very happy about the successful cooperation with MIT.

Yours, Helga Wunderlich-Steger



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