To cuddle and love: The bunnies of the farm nursery

Our bunnies of the farm daycare Hoppel and Schneeflocke are very popular with our children because of their soft fur and their need to cuddle. Hoppel is brown and has fuzzy fur on his head. Schneeflocke has a white-grey pattern and loves to be stroked, while Hoppel (as the name suggests) prefers to hop around the enclosure.
Every Monday and Thursday the stable is mucked out together with a small group of children. The old hay is driven with a wheelbarrow on our dung heap and new hay is draped nicely, so that our bunnies also have it comfortably. In spring and summer, clover and dandelions grow in our meadow, so the children can pick the food themselves. Of course, the bunnies also get vegetables and hay and the children learn a lot about nutrition and care of the animals.
In summer the rabbits have their enclosure outside in our large garden and in winter in the wind and weather protected barn. Every day, the children are allowed to visit the rabbits in small groups, pet them, observe them and take care of them. Hoppel and Schneeflocke both have very soft fur and help many a child to get over the pain of separation when they are alone for the first time without mum and dad in the nursery. The animals convey a lot of warmth and security and the children sing with pride when they are allowed to bring the rabbits from the stable to the outdoor enclosure.


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