What are our plans for the summer? A whole lot!!!!

Dear Parents,

The summer is in full swing and we have thought up a few things so that we don’t get bored at the Child Care Company. Below you will find our outline schedule for the summer, as always aligned with our educational focus.

Creativity, Art & Aesthetics:
Mosaic on the walled beds
– Handicrafts with natural materials
– Plant science / pressing flowers, pressing leaves of trees to learn names
– Pictures from homemade plant paint

– Summer songs
– circle dances
– playing with instruments
– Making instruments

Mathematics & Natural Sciences
– Experiments with water
– What floats, what sinks?
– water rides
– Make paint from plants or soil

Movement, Rhythm & Sport
Forest excursions (obstacle course)
– Set up a sensory course
– Games with the swing cloth

– beds, plants
– life in the soil
– Handicrafts with natural materials
– Research (House of Little Researchers) Topic “Air ”
– water

– Clothes in summer?
– Sun protection, drink plenty of water, rest
– Movement story on the theme of summer

Values, customs, religiosity:
– Farewell party for preschool children
– Farewell party for crèche children
– Closing of the Kita year

Language & Literacy:
– songs
– rhymes
– Summer lexicon craft

– View books
– Making picture book with flowers
– Listen to CD`s (summer songs)



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