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Service Hotline/ 热线
089 215 874 85

Emergency care at the farm daycare center

Dear parents,

The current situation is and has been very stressful and exhausting for everyone involved.

In emergency care, it was very important to us to offer the children security, structure and stability, because children need a well-structured daily routine for orientation and to find their way in the world. Recurring rituals also play an important role here. In emergency care, too, great importance was attached to the morning circle and current topics were discussed.
Our educational activities were mainly offered outdoors, as nature is the best place to get creative and explore the environment.

The animals were and are also an important support for the children during this time. They are better able to reduce anxiety, reduce stress and form important bonds. The animals give the children a sense of security and the tasks involved, such as feeding, mucking out and stroking, are important tasks for the children. They give them responsibility for their own actions and in doing so, their self-esteem and independence are encouraged.

It was also very important to us to celebrate festivals such as carnival with the children, as these are also part of the rituals and always bring the children great joy. We have tried to bring a little bit of their daycare home to the children at home through activities such as yoga, sport, songs or creative activities in our famlyApp and thus get them involved.

Best regards

Helli Wunderlich-Steger