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For happy children who get to use all their senses and experience the seasons in nature: Farm, Nature & Forest Kindergarten

Winter is just around the corner – possibly a winter of less heating. But the children in our farm daycare center don’t mind, they are used to being outside in wind and weather.

It’s all a question of wearing the right clothes, and perhaps also of being used to them. And anyway, kids don’t get sick because they’ve been outside. But because too many children spend time together in often overheated rooms during the cold season. Since viruses also feel at home when it gets warm, they have plenty of time in the fall and winter to jump from child to child (and occasionally infect an adult in between).

What are the advantages of nature-based kindergartens – whether farm daycare or forest kindergarten?

At our farm daycare, just as in nature kindergartens or forest kindergartens, the focus is on the children spending a lot of time outside in order to experience the seasons up close, to play freely and train their motor skills: romping, frolicking, climbing trees, jumping through puddles and roll down the hill in the snow – instead of sitting bent over at the table. In addition, they can play creatively and freely outside and develop games together, which also strengthens social interaction.

Health, tranquility and nature to the concept

But there are other benefits that may not be as obvious, such as a lower noise level: lots of kids in a small space – that can get really loud. When children are outside, their ears and nerves are much less strained and quiet children have a chance to have their say for once. And the nerves of the educators are also spared.

Children play in the forest and build a tent with sticks

And as mentioned earlier, viruses have much less chance of jumping from child to child outside. Especially since spending time in the fresh air is also good for the immune system. It goes without saying that the children wear appropriate warm clothing. By the way: Children in forest kindergartens, nature kindergartens or even farm kindergartens do not get sick more often than in “normal” kindergartens – but rather less often.

The best of premium nursery and forest nursery = farm nursery

At our farm daycare center, we not only offer plenty of fresh air every day and a close-up experience of the seasons, but also the best of nature or forest kindergarten and premium kindergarten. The concept of a farm nursery combines everything. We also focus on the beneficial interaction with animals – we are a member of the National Association for the Protection of Birds – and offer a bilingual environment and reliable all-day care. And sometimes we stay in our generously sized, bright rooms and bake, craft and have it nice and warm. After all, it doesn’t always have to be one or the other.


collected wood on the fence farm day care center munich garden open space.