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Are air purifiers in short supply in Bavarian daycare centers? We have been enjoying our mobile air purifiers for over a year!

At our farm daycare center, we generally attach great importance to fresh air – not only outside, but also inside. That’s why we invested in mobile air purifiers over a year ago for the benefit of the children. Such air purifiers are desired by many in the fight against corona in schools and daycare centers. However, politicians were very hesitant to approve them, which is why many kindergartens and schools, including in Bavaria, still do not have air purifiers. And in which children and adults freeze because constant ventilation is the order of the day instead.

However, air filters do not replace the other hygiene measures

We realized long before politics that hope is not always enough and that corona will not disappear just because we want it to. And because we want to offer the children an everyday life that is as unpolluted as possible, even in times of Corona, we decided early on to purchase mobile air purifiers. Of course, air purifiers alone will not defeat the coronavirus. But they are doing their bit to protect our children and ourselves. Air filters are of course only one component in reducing the risk of infection. Ventilation remains important – and spending time outside in the fresh air is even more important!

Initiative is also required for air filters

One reason why there are so few air filters in nurseries and schools is that ministries and other experts were unable to agree for so long on whether they help or not. And because politicians ultimately left the local authorities to deal with the problem on their own: The Bavarian state government does provide funding for air filters in nurseries and schools. However, this only covers part of the costs. And the facilities are also allowed to find their own recommendations as to which air filters are the right ones. Which is exactly what we did.

A nice side effect of our air filters: they not only reduce coronaviruses, but also other cold viruses!