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“It’s just great to work in a team with such a high staff ratio & I was able to fully live out my love of nature here!”

Practical experience

After Vroni completed her internship at our farm day care center, she was kind enough to give us her impression of the daily work at our nature and forest kindergarten in a class of its own – the farm daycare center:

Working at the farm daycare center in Munich: Premium daycare center meets nature & forest kindergarten

In addition to the friendly and open-minded educational staff, the children are surrounded by mini sheep and goats. Here the children are given many opportunities to encounter nature. Through regular contact with animals and nature, the children develop a relationship with the natural world and learn to appreciate and respect it.

Kindergarten with animals, nature, forest & meadows. And a lake!

For my colleagues, nature and animals are the heart of the daycare center and you can clearly see that in their work. I felt incredibly comfortable from the very first day.

Founder Helli Wunderlich as well as the management and pedagogical supervisors are very friendly and open-minded people. The same goes for all the other colleagues I got to know during my internship.

I was impressed by the intensive work with parents

I was impressed by the intensive work with parents and the daily handover talks at pick-up time. This is not an ordinary door-to-door conversation, but rather detailed information about the day’s events, the child’s behavior and any special features. This means that parents are always up to date with their children’s development.

Exchange, communication, direct contact: our daycare app for parents

We also use an internal app at our farm daycare center, which we use to inform parents on the one hand and to store children’s data and all kinds of information on the other.

Always present – the educational management of the farm daycare center

I was equally impressed by our pedagogical management of the facility, which was always present. I know from other facilities that the management sits in their office all day and takes care of the office work, as there is always a lot to do there. Nevertheless, Amela manages to be in the group, be it at the morning circle, at mealtimes, in the garden or during free play. If there is ever too much work piling up in the office, she always discusses with her colleagues whether it is okay for her to go into the office. She acted as a role model for me during this internship.

It’s just great to work in a team with such a high staff ratio & I was able to fully live out my love of nature here!

Working at the Bauernhof-Kita – the premium nature kindergarten in Munich

We are always on the lookout for nature-loving, competent and committed staff. Whether you are a pedagogical specialist with many years of professional experience, a passionate cook or a native English speaker: we are an international, multidisciplinary team that is constantly expanding. Visit our job offers regularly if you are interested in working at Munich’s farm daycare center.

Pink settee and rustic wooden bench on veranda in front of wooden facade of the facility