The love of the child

is always our first priority, alongside the individual support that each child receives on a daily basis. In an international environment, children become familiar with foreign languages and other cultures from the very beginning. Our childcare offers them the greatest possible flexibility, as well as the highest standards of quality and safety.

The first farm day care center in Munich

In September 2015, we opened our doors in Feldmoching with three crèche and two kindergarten groups. With 7,000 square metres of open space, your children will have plenty of room to discover, develop and experience. Nature and animal education are our main focus here. In addition to music & art, theatre pedagogy, movement and interculturalism as some of our pedagogical pillars, our exceptionally long opening hours are a novelty which guarantees you the greatest possible flexibility.

Our pedagogical work is based on above-average, well-qualified staff with a very high supervision ratio.

Our mission statement

  • We love the child and accept him in his whole person
  • We provide space for free development in all areas of development at the individual pace of the child.
  • We give security and trust
  • We create a positive environment for living and learning together
  • We convey security through boundaries, rules and rituals
  • We are a role model
  • We work transparently and authentically
  • We respect and respect each other
  • We bring a high level of motivation and reflect our behavior regularly
  • We constantly develop ourselves further, promote innovation and take part in further and advanced training.


For us, sustainability is not a buzzword, but we live it day by day together with your children! We see the protection of our environment and our resources as our responsibility for our children!

  • We separate our rubbish and take it to the container together with the children.
  • We source our fruit and vegetables from the region
  • In projects the children learn everything important about our plants and environment
  • From an early age, we attach great importance to instilling in our children a love of nature.
  • From an early age, we attach great importance to teaching the children respectful and careful handling of the resources of our earth.

What else speaks for us

We love nature and animals!

  • Animals and nature are the focus of the first farm day care center
  • Munich’s top – and therefore the most original and best you can offer your child!
  • Children reduce fears and can show their emotions openly
  • Children learn species-appropriate handling of animals and their proper care

We are international!

  • Our children and our team are cross-national
  • Our language is bilingual (German and English)
  • Our philosophy is cosmopolitan and value-based

We are always there for you!

  • If you have any questions or uncertainties we will take time for you
  • Feedback and development discussions take place regularly with us
  • With our ChildCareCompany-FarmKita app you can communicate with us around the clock and we will always keep you up to date

We live healthy!

  • We cook healthy and fresh
  • We pay attention to sustainable and compatible products in our equipment and furnishings
  • We only use melamine tableware that is free of plastic softeners
  • We are much in the fresh air and move a lot

We cook 100% organic and regional!

  • We obtain our products from regional organic partners
  • We grow vegetables, lettuce and fruit in the garden at our farm day care centre
  • We cook fresh, gently and environmentally aware
  • We treat food respectfully and mindfully
  • Included are all meals during the stay at the farm day care center
  • So you don’t have to give your children a snack.

We are well trained and experienced!

  • Our staff consists of pedagogical specialists and supplementary staff
  • We train and constantly educate ourselves
  • We offer nutritional and educational counseling
  • We make almost everything possible!
  • We offer a very high care key
  • We relieve you with a full day care from 7:00 to 19:00 clock
  • Babies from 8 weeks are welcome
  • Immediate entry during the year is always possible in case of vacancy

We are creative!

  • We encourage creativity and musicality
  • We work out projects together with the children and put them into practice
  • We are oriented towards innovative and creative educational concepts