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Figures & data

Number of groups and employees

Up to 50 children (rounded up) are cared for daily in the farm daycare center in two kindergarten and two crèche groups. Each group has chosen its own name to match our farm concept, which the children can identify with and strengthens their sense of belonging.


Group 1

Group 2*

“the field mice”

“the piglets”

(all day, in German)

(half-day, German)


Group 3

Group 4

“the rainbow group”

“the bird group”

(all day, German/English)

(all day, German/English)

*Another crèche group will be opening soon.

Our farm daycare center offers places in different occupancy models of three, four and five days per week.

Three supervisors are assigned to each group and lovingly look after the children’s well-being. Of these, there are always two educational staff (nursery teachers/educators as group leaders and nursery nurses as second staff). The team is also supported by English-speaking native speakers and several educational interns.

The additional staff also includes a housekeeper for the kitchen so that the educational staff can spend more time with the children. An external cleaning company, which specializes in work areas with particularly high hygiene requirements, cleans our rooms on a daily basis.

Opening hours

The farm daycare center is currently open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

This means that you as parents can adapt the childcare times to your personal needs and also arrange the childcare times flexibly by arrangement in special cases such as important appointments, doctor’s appointments or changing situations in everyday life.

Closing and vacation times

With only around 20 closing days a year, the farm daycare center is also happy to adapt to this so that family life can be planned more freely.