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The history of the farm daycare center

The story of an entrepreneur and mother in search of the best possible care for her children

In September 2015, we opened our doors in Feldmoching with three crèche and two kindergarten groups. On 7,000 square meters of open space, your children have plenty of room to discover, develop and experience.

Nature and animal education are our main focus here. In addition to music & art, theater pedagogy, movement and interculturality as some of our pedagogical pillars, our exceptionally long opening hours are a novelty that guarantees you the greatest possible flexibility.

Our pedagogical work is based on above-average qualified staff and a very high supervision ratio.

"One sees well only with the heart, for the essential is invisible to the eyes." (from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Our founder Helli Wunderlich-Steger – herself the mother of three children – had a vision: She wanted to create the kind of place she wanted for her children and founded the Child Care Company, a chain of kindergartens. But what counts is the essentials and so, after years of hard work, she was able to realize her dream – the first and only farm daycare center in Munich!

As a mother of three children myself (Victoria born in 2003, Felicitas born in 2004 and Ferdinand born in 2011), I am very familiar with the difficulties and needs that a working mother faces. Therefore, my vision is to support working mothers as much as possible in order to give them the opportunity to "stand their ground" in positions of responsibility. In all of this, love for the child always comes first, of course!Through my first profession as a childcare worker, I was able to gain a lot of experience in all kinds of childcare facilities. During my studies in business administration, I also acquired the necessary knowledge to manage a company. My interest in languages was awakened on my travels and through my own longer stays abroad in the USA and Spain, and my attention was drawn to the fact that in an increasingly globalized world, learning foreign languages can never start early enough.Yours, Helli Wunderlich-Steger