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The potato project at the farm daycare center

Potato cycle – our contribution to the Eco Kids Project 2022 We are once again taking part in an eco-kid project this year. This time we have chosen the theme “the potato cycle”. The children kept finding small potatoes that had been left in the beds from last year.

The best playground is nature!

We have something against cages – for chickens and for children. You may be wondering why we are talking about children and cages in the same sentence. But children actually have less and less space in public spaces in our society. The road and thus a large part of the public space belongs to cars. […]

For a world worth living in: why we teach children a sustainable way of life

It happens all the time when we’re out and about: one of the children finds an empty can, the remains of a plastic bag or broken glass in the grass, on the forest floor or by the side of the path. “That’s dangerous for the animals!” says Leon indignantly. He and the others can’t understand […]