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Potato cycle – our contribution to the Eco Kids Project 2022

This year we are again participating in an ecokids project. This time we have chosen the theme “the potato cycle”.

The children kept finding small potatoes, which were left in the beds from last year.

This gave rise to the idea of taking a closer look at potatoes and observing them together with the children.
We discussed the topic with the children in the daily morning circle and first gathered information about the potato.
We then designed a project table in the aisle to observe the changes in the potatoes on a daily basis.

The potato in transition

In addition, we also looked very closely at the changes in the potatoes, once in bright light and once the potatoes were stored in a dark box.
We could observe that the potato slowly begins to germinate and form small roots.

Using the story of the potato king, we went even further into the topic and illustrated it with the children in a playful way.
In the nursery there was a finger play about the potato and in kindergarten the children made their first mashed potato themselves! Mmmmmh….delicious!

The potato cycle, the eco-kids project of the Farm Kita 2022 Potato decorated with a handmade face Text of the story Potatoes lying in a circle on blanket illustrate the potato cycle with its different stages